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Defamation against a company legal adviceDefamation against a company often comes with a huge price tag. Experience tells us that if the company defamed is listed on the stock market, defamation on investors’ forums could influence shares prices and the ability of the board to raise investment. There is also evidence to show that smaller companies often suffer sharp decline in incoming business due to online defamation. In both cases defamation on the internet adversely affects investors’ and customers’ trust in the company.

Unfortunately many UK based large and small companies tend to initially be dismissive of internet defamation. After a while they come to the realisation that defamation against their companies is like a dangerous infection. At first you don’t see anything although you can feel that something is not quite right. Then it becomes a bit more visible but it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm  but after a while when the defamation has spread all over social media making it hard to close deals or is directed  at the Chairman or the Managing Director, it becomes clear that the company needs to seek specialist legal advice.

If your company has become the target of online defamation, seek legal advice as soon as you can. don’t let defamation cost your company a fortune.  Call us for a consultation free on 0800 612 7211

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