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Internet blackmail touches people from all walks of life. The victim of internet blackmail is often threatened with exposure of information they rather keep private. It might relate to business activities, private relationship or past misjudgements. Blackmail or extortion on the internet are forms of terrorism and must be treated as such – strategically.

Children and young adults are particularly vulnerable to internet blackmail but teachers, bankers and housewives are also targets. Children are often threatened with publication on the internet of embarrassing private images.

Blackmail on the internet extends to companies too. There are more  cases involving customers who demand refunds, free gifts and other favours in return for refraining from defaming the organisation online, on review websites and on forums.

If you or your organisation have become targets of blackmail on the internet, seek legal advice without delay. We have a lot of experience in dealing with those sorts of issues in the most confidential and sensitive manner .



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