Defamation Legal Advice

Defamation legal adviceIf you are being defamed on the internet and your reputation is at risk, you want to have the defamation removed from the internet before it spreads.

As a first step, remember not to click on the link of the URL that contains the defamatory material because clicking on the defamatory link will only make the web page rank higher on Google search results.

It is best not to tell too many people about the defamatory material as they are likely to search for it and click on the defamatory link. To create a copy of the defamatory web page, save it as PDF and make a coloured hard copy of it.

There a are special commercial tools that allow you to carry out Google searches without affecting the prominence of the offending web page and we suggest that you use those tools if you intend to try and resolve the matter yourself.

We have many more defamation lawyer’s tips on how to deal with online defamation crisis and more defamation legal advice at the Internet Law Centre.

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